Virginia Cannabis Control Authority Reminds Residents to Celebrate 4/20 Safely and Legally

Wednesday, April 17th 2024


Richmond – As the unofficial cannabis holiday of April 20 approaches, the Virginia Cannabis Control Authority (CCA) urges those who plan to celebrate to do so responsibly and legally. With curiosity about cannabis on the rise, it’s crucial Virginians be aware of the laws governing its use within the state.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s legal under Virginia law for those who are 21 years or older:

  • Medical cannabis sold by a licensed pharmaceutical processor or dispensing facility;
  • Possession of cannabis in your private residence for personal use;
  • Possession of cannabis in public of up to one ounce for personal use;
  • Home cultivation of up to four cannabis plants per household that are properly labeled; and
  • Sharing of one ounce or less of cannabis with another person 21 years or older without exchanging anything else of value.

It is important to note what remains illegal:

  • Use by those under the age of 21 (except for authorized underage medical cannabis patients);
  • Selling or purchasing recreational adult-use cannabis;
  • Possession in public of more than one ounce of cannabis;
  • Consumption of cannabis in public spaces;
  • Growing plants that are visible to the public and cultivating more than four plants at home;
  • Driving under the influence of cannabis;
  • Carrying cannabis while providing transportation service, such as a cab or Uber; and
  • Open containers in vehicles. Cannabis cannot be stored so it is open and accessible to the passenger area of a vehicle. 

“The CCA wants those who celebrate 4/20 to do so responsibly and lawfully. We encourage residents to familiarize themselves with the laws concerning cannabis and to celebrate in a safe manner that protects their personal welfare and their community,” said Jeremy Preiss, CCA Acting Head and Chief Officer of Regulatory, Policy, and External Affairs. “In particular, if you plan to use cannabis, please plan ahead for a designated driver or plan to use a ride service, such as Uber or Lyft.”

For more information on cannabis laws, regulations, and resources available, the CCA offers a variety of free resources to the public at