Virginia Cannabis Control Authority launches new website

Friday, December 2nd 2022

The site represents a key pillar of the Authority’s public outreach and strengthens its position as the primary source of government expertise on cannabis in the Commonwealth. Dec. 2, 2022 Richmond, VA – Today, the Virginia Cannabis Control Authority (CCA) launched its new website, Consistent with the CCA’s mission, the site provides educational resources focused on the public health, public safety, and consumer protection aspects of cannabis. It also will share updates on cannabis law and policy as they occur and feature information about CCA activities. Over the last several months, the CCA has stepped up its public outreach, meeting with numerous state and local government agencies,  industry stakeholders, and other advocacy groups interested in cannabis policy and regulation. It has also steadily increased its publication of statutorily-required educational resources and  “fact sheets” that convey valuable public health and public safety information related to cannabis; these materials are all available on the website. “Launching the website is an important milestone in CCA’s efforts to disseminate credible information about cannabis, including its legal status in the Commonwealth, and to illuminate the Authority’s mission and operations,” stated Jeremy Preiss, the CCA’s acting head and chief officer for regulation, policy, and external affairs. “The site will be highly dynamic, changing over time to reflect new legal, policy, and public health developments,” he added.   The website will also showcase the CCA’s upcoming safe driving campaign. A statutory requirement, the campaign will highlight the dangers of cannabis-impaired driving and promote safer behaviors regarding cannabis use and driving. “We are thrilled with the website’s look and functionality,” said Manny Liban, CCA’s director of public affairs. “We look forward to refining the site further, as the regulatory environment and the public’s interest in cannabis evolve.” For more information, visit